Maya Breast Firming Oil For Small Breast

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Maya Breast Firming Oil

Specification of Maya Breast Firming Oil

Brand - Dr Chopra

Type - Breast Firming Oil

100% Herbal & No Side Effects

Weight - 30 Ml

Country Origin India

100% Brand New

Best Quality Product

Maya Breast Enlargement Oil Benefits -

Enlarging And Enhancing The Breast,

Maintaining The Elasticity And Uprightness Of The Breast

Enhance the Breast and nourishing skin with herbal extracts

Maya Cream of Dr. Chopra has all natural ingredients that helps to feeds cells below the breasts, enhancing firmness pupils more youth appearance. Breast increase in both size and weight resulting a new and satisfy feeling. Mayacream is amazingly excellent for breast firming and enlargement various studies confirmed that this products has a high success for enhancing women breast all skin type. Undeveloped breast loose & sagged breast and circular movements. We recommend message for minimum 15-20 minutes twice a day morning and night.

  • Brand : Dr. Chopra
  • Wet. : 100g.
  • All Skin Type : Undeveloped or mal developed breast loose & sagged breast
  • Uses :

Pour a little cream inside hand and massage the breast softly in upward and circular movements. we recommend massage for minimum 15-20 minutes twice in a day morning & night

Maya Breast Firming cream can increase/enhance substantial breast size. regular use of cream results in round and nicely shaped breasts. It increase your personality and give more sexier looks. Its continuous use will make you confident and elegant

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