Olive Plus Breast Cream for more strong and whitening

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Olive Plus Breast Cream for more strong and whitening

Bust Augmentation

More strong,

More beauty,

More attractive,

More Confident


Make your breast more strong, more beauty, more youthful confident with a remarkable marvelous change very simply


Extracts of olive, fennel seed, angelica damiana leaf, dandelion, black berry and others ingredients

Can adjust internal secretion, provide extra elasticity helps to reduce the excessive large shape and size, its just like a miracle. Control adequate collagen, water and lactogen hormone inside the breast provides a nice tiny and attractive shape and size. Helps to decrease melanin accumulation enhance skin metabolism, dissolve aged keratonin adjust prolacting hormone, provide natural soft smooth breast.

Origin: Pakistani

Wet: 60g


1. After taking a bath dry the breast and clean it with warm wet towel. It is recommended to notice your reflected contour to see the difference of your breast before and after applying the product.

2. Squeeze a small amount of Olive plus breast tissue tightening cream on the your finger tips, coin essence for size cup-A-B breast as for cup-C and up sized breast the amount should be made proportional.

3. Apply the essence around on only one breast side first supposing your breast is a circle alternately uses both palms to massage your breast by drawing the breast upwards starting from the crease and inwards from the side. move your fingers in circular and upward motion around your breast to contour the breast to be round do so for 5-7 minutes or until the cream is fully absorbed.

4. When one side is done notice the differences of the breast contour again comparing the massaged side with the other side, especially around the upper breast and cleavage area.

5. Massage the other side of the breast using the same method.

Note: Check the skin behind your ears before use. If you feel sick, please stop using it. For external use, keep the product in a cool place and away from children. Due to the differences between the different monitors, the actual color of the image may not reflect the image.

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