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Natural Gold – It Is Herbs Base Natural Medicine – 60 Capsules

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Natural killer cell fight against infection and cancer in the body

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Natural Gold – It Is Herbs Base Natural Medicine – 60 Capsules

Each Capsule Contains:

1 Protein 12.5-17.5gm
2 Suger 2.5-3gm
3 Vitamin & Menarels 2.4-4.45gm
4 Thiamin 1.85-2.35
5 Riboflabin 21-54gm
6 Niacin 354-674gm
7 Phosphorus 7.5-8.5gm
And Other ingredients q.s  Ref: B.N.U.F


Indication :
1. Immunity deficiency
2. Diabetis
3. Heart Disease
4. High cholesterol
5. Anti ageing
6. Hbs Ag + ve
7. Weight loss
8. Skin care
9. Hair loss
10. Cancer

Reishi Mushroom/Lingzhi mushroom/ganodarma mushroom.
1.nutrifional value: per 100 gm
Total calorie :22, total fat- 0.3 g,
Sodium – 5 mg, potassium – 318 mg,
Total carbohydrate – 3.3 g, dietery fiber – 1g, sugar- 2 g.
Protein – 3.1g.
Vit-c, vit-D, vit- B6,  iron, magnesium

*Active chemical composition:
Triterpenes – ganoderic acid,
Polysaccharides – Beta glucan,

* action :

immunomudolatiry effect, anti-cancer, anti- ageing, anti- inflammatory effect, anti-microbial, anti- biotic.

*Helth benefits :
1. Bo0st the immune system : mushroom can increase the activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cell.
Natural killer cell fight against infection and cancer in the body.
Another study fount, increase other white cell (lymphocytes) in thise with colorectal cancer.
2. Decrease anxiety and depression as well as improve quality of life.
3.Hepatoprotective activity..mushroom protect hepatocytes from infection, like bacteria, virus,
4.decrees the growth of tumors cells in the body.


nutritional value : per 100 g, calories 290 kcl
Total carbohydrates 23.9g
Total fat 7.72g
Proteins 57.47g
All essential amino acid
Vite A
Vite B complex
Vite C
Vite E
Vite K
Calcium, iron, magnesia, manganes, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc.

*Health benefits:
1. It is one of the most nutrient dense food on the earth.
2.phycocyanin is the main active compount in spirulina that has powerful antioxients and anti inflammatory properties.
3.studies indicates that spirulina can lower triglycerides and ‘bad’ LDL cholestarol and may simultaneously raise good HDL cholesterol.
4.the anti oxidant in spirulina can help prevent lipid peroxidation in body.
5.spirulina may lead to lower blood pressure levels by increasing production of nitric oxide.
6.spirulina are very effective against allergic rhinitis.

Nigella sativa linn*

nutritional value : per 100 gram, total calories 345
Total fat 15g
Sodium 88 mg
Potassium 1694 mg
Total carbobydrates 52 g
Protiens 16g
Vite A,vite B6, Vite C,iron, magnesium

active chemical composition :
Essential oil,
Alpa hederin

* action : 
1.immmunomodulatory effect
2.anti cancer
4. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases.
5. Anti inflammatory effect.
6. Diuretic effect.
7.anti oxidants
8. Analgesic
9. Anti spasmolytic
10. Anti microbial


1. Increases immunity. 
2. Balance high blood pressure. 
2. Strengthens liver function. 
2. Jaundice does well. 
2. Reduces blood cholesterol and excess fat levels. 
2. Exits toxins from the body. 
2. Gastric does well. 
2. Regulates brain, heart and kidney function. 
3. Increases sexual strength. 
2. Controls diabetes. 
2. Provides physical and mental well-being. 
12. Protects the beauty of the skin. 
2. Prevents hair loss. 
2. Various types of pain can be exacerbated. 
2. Highly effective in women with irregular menstruation and feminine complex problems. 
2. Supports Vitamin A and C Deficiency.
2. Increases the metabolism of the body and strengthens the digestive tract.

Terms of Service:

  • In those patients with high blood pressure, 2 + 1 + 2 after meals or as prescribed by the doctor.
  • For patients who are in the early stages, take 1 + 1 + 1 after meals or as prescribed by the doctor.


contraindication :

  • pregnancy
  • lactating mother

Side effect : No side effects were observed at the prescribed dose. 
Caution: Keep your baby out of reach. 
Storage: Keep away from light, in a dry and cool place.


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