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New Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E

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Help you fight premature ejaculation comfortably and enjoy a highly sanctification

Product Code : 9674

Brand : Viga

Origin : Germany

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New Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E

When premature ejaculation sucks the natural enjoyment out of your life and you are not sure about how to enjoy a fulfilling sex, then trying Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray can help you fight premature ejaculation comfortably and enjoy a highly satisfying sex with your partner.

This delay spray has been helping countless men with problems of pouring out their juices earlier than required time. If you are hesitant about using this spray, then you should know that as much as you feel dissatisfied, your partner too will feel the same.

She has every right to enjoy a fulfilling sex and when you have an option to prolong your banging time, why not use it and why not give her a riveting orgasm? Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray is a strong spray that you require only few sprays to prolong your coital time and last upto 10 times longer than your usual time.

Imagine how many more things you can enjoy? How many more positions you both can try?

How many variations you both can perform? You don’t need any more elaboration.

Do you?

Just spray, band her on and on and on.

Let her experience a mind blowing orgasm.

What does Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E contains?

–          Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray contains recommended dosage of 10% Lidocaine. The chemical compound desensitizes penis head allowing men to indulge in long lasting performance in bed.

How to use Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E ?

–          Shake the container well before use.

–          For best results, spray at least 5 to 10 minutes before your penetrative sex. Wait till it gets absorbed into your skin.

–          Spray 3-4 times to cover entire the head of your penis. Alternatively, you can spray the content over your hand and rub it over your penis using your hand.

–          If you get a mild tingling sensation, don’t worry. This is commonly experienced sensation and there is nothing to worry about.

–          Over spraying is harmful. Use only recommended amount. With regular usage, you will come to know the exact amount of spray is required for you.

–          After the completion of sex, wash your organ thoroughly with warm water or wipe it cleanly with a wet cloth. Also wash your hands.

What are the benefits of using Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray?

–          Guaranteed results. You can enjoy prolonged coital time leading to greater sexual pleasure.

–          Skin friendly formulation ensures you both feel normal

–          Super Viga 200000 is recommended for men suffering from premature ejaculation as they can definitely delay their ejaculation time and enjoy a fulfilling sex.

–          Guaranteed enjoyment for your partner and she is sure to enjoy your prolonged indulgence.

–          The Super Viga 200000 indeed helps in avoiding break-ups and divorces due to dissatisfaction in sexual life.

What are the side effects of Super Viga 200000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E ?

–          Super Viga 200000 is generally safe and contraindications are not reported.

–          This is a strong delay spray. Do not overspray under the impression that you can stay longer with more sprays. Over spraying may cause numbness of your penis requiring medical treatment.

–          Do not use this spray if you are suffering from myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition or liver damage.

–          Consult your physician before using this spray if you are on regular medication or suffering from any chronic illness.

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