Most useful beauty tips

Most Useful Beauty Tips for Girls

You can get lot of beauty tips from online source but that definitely doesn’t mean we should be following every single one of them. When working makeup artists, hairstylists, skincare gurus and beauty editors are offering up advice, you better believe we’re listening.
Clothing labeled as petite is cut with that proportion in mind. Compared to standard items, you’ll often find narrower shoulders and shorter inseams. So whether you’re a size 00 or a size 16, if you’re shorter, the petite section is worth a look.

beauty and fashion tips

  • Matching your dress with accessories.
  • Your bag and shoes must match.
  • It better to don’t wear black with navy.
  • Avoid mixing multiple prints
  • Never blend gold and silver jewelry
  • Sparkle for only the evening
  • Pair shoes and bottoms that are similar in color — like black heels with black tights — to elongate your legs.
  • Lengthen your torso by wearing a longer fitted shirt underneath a cropped sweater:
  • Clothing that’s stretched over time or doesn’t fit quite right? Depending on the fabric, you might be able to (carefully!) shrink it:
  • Know which brands are petite-friendly.
  • Smaller frame? Depending on the brand, don’t overlook kids’ sizes.
  • For bustier petites, balance is key.
  • For smudge-proof eye makeup, take blotting tissue to remove any oil or any excess makeup from the eye area. Then, apply a small dab of cream concealer to hold things in place.
  • A good perfume should consist of balanced blend of notes arranged in a way that creates harmonious accord.
    To prevent hair color from fading in the summer months, use a conditioning treatment weekly or bi-monthly.
    In order to keep eyeliner from running and smearing, opt for liner formulas that offer stay proof wear ability.
  • Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.
  • To make your manicure last, apply a thin layer of clear every two days.
  • Pay particular attention to the free edge at the top of your nails, where chips usually happen, and apply extra clear polish there.
  • For fuller lips, extend the lip line using a flesh tone lip liner.
  • Be careful not to go overboard.
  • When choosing a red lipstick, you just want to remember to get one that looks good with your undertone.
  • If you have a warm undertone, then go for warmer reds, and if you have a cool undertone, then go cooler.
  • If you’re afraid of red lipstick, I love putting it on and then blotting it off to wear it as more of a stain. Another way to make it less intense? Apply with your fingertip instead of straight from the tube
  • always wash your makeup off before bed. “That morning-after look has never been a good one, for anyone.
  • Always use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning. Even in the winter!
  • To keep hair color vibrant longer, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for colored hair.

Following above tips you can awesome beautiful look.