easy way to wear a sharee

The best technique to wear a sari

Bengali women’s first choice is Sari. Saree wedding birthday, fits in any ceremony including party. But there are many girls/women who consider Sari to be a very difficult task. If you do not get used to anything, or if you do not know it, it’s a bit tricky to think that the thing is not unusual. However, if there are many women there are sarees, then others are invited. But wearing Sari is not something very difficult. Let’s not know, the simple technique to wear saree from online shopping in Bangladesh- shopnobari.com
Sarees can be wear in many ways. According to the type of sarees can be wear in different styles of different folds. But today I will talk about Bangali type. Which is really very easy.
Drapping with  colors maching that will make your face look beautiful and gorgeous.

Materials: Blouses, Peticot, Safety Pin, Clips, Sarees, Shoes

  • •At first wear the blues matching with sharee.
  • Peticot by matching with sarees. Because the peticot will help you keep your sari in the waist.
  • You can wear shoes by matching your favorite sarees. Because if sarees without shoes, then sarees can be more likely to swing.

Start wearing saree:

Only a few steps can be followed by a wise person to wear sarees

  • Take sari with your hand and look at the shawl and the texture. Although the sari is outside one end and inside one end.how to wear a saree in bengali
  • Take the inner edge
  • Keep the bottom part in the top right corner of the petikot on the right side of the waist so that the sari does not stuck under the shoe during walking.
  • Slowly turn left around the waist and gently squeeze the sari around the waist and paste it in the peticot.
  • Now fold the sari’s hand and make it folding vertically. Leave the folding back on the left side and back. Get off to the foot.
  • Stick with the clip on the top.how to wear sharee
  • Fold the middle part of the middle of the picture and folding it down to the navigator.
  • Now you can pin the pins to different places for your needs, but be sure to follow the caution when planting the pins.how to wear a saree
  • Look, Completed your wearing sharee?

It’s true, every act is probably not good at first, but if that work can be done multiple times, then it is possible to make a newer format possible. You can be excited about the sarees that seem like trouble to you.

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